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Secure Firearms Storage

At Oley's Armoury we are happy to provide firearms owners with storage options for their firearms.

In a dedicated, locked, climate controlled room we provide safe and monitored storage for your valued firearms and ammunition 

There are many reasons why people need storage for their firearms for both short and long periods of time including:

-Not wishing to store them at your residence or transport them between locations

-Vacations both long and short

-Out of town for work

-During a move

-For medical reasons

-During times of stress

-During times of safety concerns


-Natural disasters

Prior to storage firearms must be proved by our staff to be empty and have a secure trigger lock. All items will be tagged with a number identifying you as the owner. 

It is our policy that firearms must be in individual cases, if you do not have a case for each firearm will provide one for purchase.

A valid PAL is required for both drop off and pickup of firearms. 

For restricted firearms transport and storage must be done following the requirements of the CFO.

Storage fees are as follows:

$10/firearm/ month with volume and long-stay discounts. 

$10/Oley's bin (68L Rubbermaid) of ammunition 

Terms and conditions must be signed prior to storage.