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Cleaning and Maintenance

For many gun owners, our guns are our pride and joy and we don't trust just anyone to work on them. When you use your firearms you want them to work because some shots are once in a lifetime. 

‚ÄčOur current Firearms Licence permits us to perform Detailed Cleaning and General Maintenance. Anything beyond what we are comfortable performing we would refer you to Ellwood Epps in Orillia. We are confident that the trip to Ellwood Epps is worth your time to ensure your firearms are worked on by the most competent gunsmiths in the area. 


Ultrasonic Cleaning

Our ultrasonic cleaning tank is the only one for hundreds of miles around and what it does to clean a gun is simply stunning!


Pricing is as follows:


Bring us just the metal parts of the gun-$29.99 per firearm

Full strip down of pistol, cleaning and reassembly-$39.99 per firearm

Full strip down of rifle/shotgun, cleaning and reassembly-$49.99 per firearm


The prices include a cycle in the cleaning tank and a cycle in the lubrication tank.