September 2018

2024 Apr 3rd

Oley’s in Powassan encompasses multiple companies working under one roof. Almost every day is crazy and you have to take the good with the bad. From estate liquidation, dealing with Uhuals to moving help and more, you never know what you are going to encounter. We though you might enjoy hearing some of our more entertaining experiences over the past 4+ years, and yes some of this happened multiple times.

Oley’s Grossest Moments and Finds

-Eggs left in a storage unit for 2+ years

-Dirty- and we mean dirty-underwear, over the years we’ve now seen it all

-A dead decomposing skunk

-Refusing to help someone pack the contents of their fridge because the entire inside of it was black with mold

-Having to repaint the bathroom walls and floor after someone had an explosive accident all over them

-Cleaning alpaca feces off of the walls and CEILING of a Uhaul

-Discovering some jelly beans we bought were not like the others which ended in hysterical laughter, one person gagging and the other actually vomiting, we definitely got Beanboozled

-30-40 year old food people were still eating

-Mice- oh the mice- poo by the truck loads, mouse nests and mummified mice in old bottles

-Finding out which staff have the strongest stomachs after multiple staff vomited at the same estate from the overwhelming smell of urine

-Filling the auction house with the smell of a dead body after turning on a vacuum which had been in the house with him after he passed away and wasn’t found for some time

-And our personal favorite- finding and disposing of an 80 year old mans “personal toys” of all types and sizes which were hidden in all areas you can think of in the home

Some days at Oley’s it’s a gross job- and lucky us- we get to do it!