Banning AR15's? Whats next?

Posted by WL on 2019 Oct 4th

Let me start this by being up front, yes this is posted on a gun store website, yes I make my living with firearms, but this blog is not about how business will drop, or any professional losses. This is about the personal loss we all face if Trudeau is re-elected on October 21st.

Trudeau wants to implement a total ban on the AR15 "assault weapons"  But before we go into that. Lets go back to the start. the 1950's to be exact. 

Eugene Stoner was a Design Engineer, first for Whittaker, an aircraft equipment company, then he moved to Armalite as the chief engineer in 1954. Here he designed multiple firearms such as the Ar-3, AR-9, AR-11 and AR-12, none of which saw any huge numbers produced. He also was the mind behind the AR-5, a small survival rifle that could be taken apart and stored in the but stock. You may think that sound familiar, we know it as the AR-7, which is now made by Henry. Stoner began work on the AR-10, a .308 chambered semi automatic firearm. He then used this as a base to build the AR15. The AR15 was not built on a military contract. Once the rights were sold to Colt in 1959 then with modification to the original design was marketed to the military. 

Trudeau and the Liberals want to impose a complete ban on the AR15, the AR has not been used in a shooting death in Canada that I can find evidence of. He stated in a interview that the AR is used in the USA for mass shootings, and it should be banned. That is like saying me neighbor has diabetes so I am banning sugar from my house. In the same interview he said the only experts should be classifying firearms, and that politicians have no business classifying them. I was unaware that Justin Trudeau was a sworn member of the RCMP? 

All the money and time that would be spent on a ban should be used to actually do something to stop the gun crimes in Canada. More policing of firearm crimes, stronger border security to stop the smuggling of these guns. Stronger penalties for those who break the law. That sounds familiar, almost like it is the platform of another party.... 

Making thousands of Canadians criminals by the stroke of a pen does not solve anything, the people doing these crimes don't care if the gun is illegal. 

The liberals have split gun owners in Canada, they have divided hunters and sport shooters, but with the door open to ban the AR15, what is next? sweeping gun bans? Do a quick Google search of how well total gun bans do, they will find other ways.

I would ask you to think long and hard before you check a box on October 21st, I know who I am voting for.