​All this time and nothing to do.

2020 Apr 8th

All this time and nothing to do.

Shooters across Canada suddenly have time on their hands, but if you are like us, your local range is closed. What can you do to spend some quality time with your guns?

Clean them!

Start going though each firearm, give them a good cleaning, and a nice coat of oil, keep them looking good!

Catalog them!

When you have them out for cleaning, make a list, if you have Microsoft Excel this is the easiest way, Make your headings simple

Make – Model – Caliber – Serial Number.

These are the basics, record them, print them out, keep one in a fireproof safe. You can even go a step farther and take detailed photos of each one. We never want to think what if, but if something happens to your collection, you have everything you need in one simple spread sheet. Maybe consider writing down the story of your firearm, was it you grandfathers’ gun that has been handed down? Was the first gun you bought? Or was it just a last-minute buy at a gun show. Does it have sentimental value to you, or would you trade it in tomorrow?

Do you reload? Take some time and prep some brass, if you have stock pile of powders, primers and bullets start doing some hand loads, if you can fire on your property take some time and play around with your loads and find that perfect one for your gun.

Shop for new toys online! You just happen to be on our webstore!

Take some time to do some googling, find some new local hunting spots, check out some other gun clubs, there are 4 just in our local area alone. Find places you can talk to other firearms owners and hunters online, pick up a new tip, or share your favorite one.

Dry fire!

Dry fire can help step up your shooting game but use a snap cap! Dry fire can get your skills fine tuned with out spending the money on ammo, you can get rid of a finch, help practice grip, and repeatability.

Have a big collection, or something rare? Consider having a professional appraisal done, once the world is safe again, give us a call, and our Certified Property Appraiser can give you everything that you need.